Saturday, April 10, 2010

Desktop As A Service (DAAS) and The IPAD?

Ran across this desktop virtualization service today ( and realized that market matured considerably since the some of the initial vendors in this launched this space (

Running in a WIN7/IE8 (no chrome support), the browser (from which I'm writing within) is responsive, the productivity work stack is sufficient and the multimedia capabilities including youtube HD were as expected you would expect on bare metal.

... Leading to off course to the "ubiqoutus slate" evoloution that the Ipad will create and catapult into the mainstream. After a number of less than successful tablet implementations, the market seems poised to benefit from the marketing/content market that Apple has developed Iphone/Itouch ecosystem.

Applications such as will become the killer application for Tablets which are what Ipads will become. The need for the horsepower (like the telephone system) is in the cloud.

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